What WWE should have done on Raw to boost rating before TLC!

Tables, Ladders and Chairs (TLC) is happening right now, and I’m excited about one match, in particular, the triple threat between Askua, Charlotte and Becky Lynch.

WWE isn’t doing well at the moment, they are losing viewers every episode. So I thought I’d write what I would do to boost the rating right now. I believe WWE would do better under Triple H as Vince McMahon is running the show to the ground.

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What I would change in Raw before TLC for TLC to be better :

Drew McIntyre V. Fin Balor

Drew McIntyre is gloating about beating up Fin Balor, saying that he would never have gotten pinned by Dolph Ziegler without the help of Fin Balor.

The ring goes dark, then suddenly, Demon Balor music starts…


Drew prepares to fight, but there is no demon in sight. Two unknown people wearing masks, attack Drew then spit toxic red mist into his face. The ring, still slightly dark and glowing red. The men in masks then try to do a finisher on him but fail!

Still dazed and wary from the attack, Drew hits one with the claymore.

The attacker gets up like it was nothing like a man possessed… The other attacker hits Drew from behind with a chair. The masked men then set up tables, and with a well-known finisher, Drew is put through the tables.

Everywhere goes black. Demon Balor is on the big screen looking at the ring, at a broken Drew McIntyre with two people in the darkness..

All fades to black..

The Revival V. Authors of Pain

Next. The tag teams, the Revival – appear and demand a proper match – no Lucha House rules, just a normal tag team match. AOP answer the offer. It has been made official, a tag team championship match.

The match takes place and seems like AOP are going to win, but then the Lucha House Party runs into the ring to stop the match in a DQ but fail as AOP try to hit the Lucha House Party for trying to get into the ring. Leading to the Revival steal the win and are the new championship! AOP is angry, smash the Lucha House Party through tables as the Revival leave the ring.

Commissioner Baron Corbin appears on screen, announcing a match for next week’s Raw… A triple threat match between one member of each team, the winners will decide the rules for the triple threat match at TLC.

Baron Corbin seems to be in a rush and rushes through this promo.

Dean Ambros – Announcement

Next, we see Dean Ambros in the ring. He’s angry, he says he hates the crowd, they make him sick and that he has had enough. Then what feels like from out of nowhere, he says ‘I Quit’ and gives the finger to the commentary and walks out.

Seth Rollins V. No Way Jose

Seth Rollins comes out and says due to Dean Ambrose quitting. ‘Why have an open challenge match just on TLC, if anyone what’s to have a shot at the championship can try their luck from now until the TLC.’

No Way Jose comes out and accepts the challenge – they have a good match, Rollins stops when he’s on a roll because he’s a bit paranoid about Dean but still wins the match against Jose, but it was still a balanced match.

Baron Corbin needs the help of Bobby Lashley…

Now, we have Baron Corbin running around the backstage; asking around for Bobby Lashley to help him fend off Demon Balor and his unknown group because he thinks they’ll come after him after what he has done to Drew McIntyre.

Baron Corbin finds Bobby Lashley with Leo and tries to make an agreement to help, but Bobby Lashley can’t help as he’s already booked for a match with Dolph Ziegler.

Walk with Alias

Alias insults the crowd and starts to sing…

The Riot Squad V. Ronda Rousey

When he interrupted by Ronda Rousey and tells him to get out, he listens, and then she’s got the mic saying she wants to fight Ruby Riot. Alexa Bliss, the Commissioner, comes out and says she can have a match against Ruby Riot, but it will be a 3-1 handicap match!

The match begins with Ruby and Rousey. Rousey seems to be winning, but then the number game seems to get the better of her. After Rousey gets beaten down by the Riot Squad. Bailey and Sasha Banks run in to help Ronda, but then Nia Jax and Tamina run in to help the Riot Squad. But Ember Moon comes to help balance the numbers, but with the numbers still against them, they lose.

This hints to what is to come…

Bailey and Sasha Banks V The Riot Squad,

Ember Moon V Tamina

As well as adding heat to Nia Jax V Ronda Rousey on TLC.

Bobby Lashley V. Dolph Ziegler

Dolph Ziegler is in the ring, ready for his match. Leo, Corbin and a bunch of bodyguards all come out with Bobby Lashley, but only Bobby gets in the ring. Dolph wasn’t expecting Bobby to come out with such a big entourage, is slightly worried but has no other choice but to continue with his match against Bobby Lashley. The match is good, a close call but it looks like Bobby has the edge and is going to win as he breaks out of a pin and throws Dolph Ziegler out of the ring. Dolph, on the ground, doesn’t move. The Ref begins the count…

Demon Balor V. Baron Corbin

Demon Balor music starts playing, and the ring gets darker. Corbin, Bobby and Leo get in the ring back-to-back with their security around the ring for protection. The lights go off completely then flicker. With each flicker of light, the number of guards surrounding the ring dwindle to none as they are all on the ground, unconscious. It’s Demon Balor with his two masked companions standing around them. Leo tries to run but is super-kicked by one of Balor’s masked companions. Now it is 3-on-2. As the Demon and his masked men are beating up Corbin and Bobby. Like men possessed, Demon Balor looks to his two masked companions who seem to know what he wants without being told with words. One gets a ladder, the other gets a table… Baron Corbin is put on one table while Bobby Lashley is put on another table by the masked men while Balor climbs the ladder. With a jump and a Kudegra, Corbin is through the table, next to its Lashley’s turn. Balor jumps from the ladder and with the Magic Killer, Lashley is through the table. Both knocked unconscious from the pain.

The Demon Balor stands in the middle of the ring with the two masked men.

Who are the masked men?

Is the silent question everyone wants to know the answer to. The crowd in awe watching as the masked allies reveal their identities, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson with demon paint covering their faces. With their well known ‘Too Sweet’ hand gesture, everything fades to black.

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