Valfaris - Review

Do you like heavy metal and tough games?

Are you tired of waiting for Brutal Legend 2?

Not just me? Fair enough.

This is a Brutal game with a great balance between tough gameplay and a great mix of heavy metal music which they've pulled off amazingly. You play as Therion, and you go back to the fortress of Valfaris to kill your father for what he has done to Valfaris. The game obviously takes a lot of inspiration from heavy metal, and I haven’t seen anything like it for a while, and I F***ing love it.

The game is a 2D action platformer.

You go through the levels with two guns and a sword. Through the game, you get different types of swords and guns which all have some pretty sweet names like the Bastard Sword. One of your weapons the most powerful one, does have limited use with your collection blue orbs to refill it. As I mentioned before, this game is hard but its still a great game and worth playing through.

The art style of the game looks fantastic, and every different area you visit looks even more metal than the next. It’s very excited I feel playing through the level when I first started the game I didn’t put it down and 4 hours later I realised I been playing for 4 hours and not going to into spoilers because I always try not to spoil games but it’s a great game to play which I’ve finished now, and it truly was a rush. The game has excellent balance, and I hope they either carry on the game series within the world or make something else as metal as this.

I found it pretty hard to find flaws or bad things about the game. Maybe if I wasn’t a massive fan of hard games some might not like the difficulty spikes in the game but I loved them, but most might hate this, but I do think that they’ve balanced it very well so they aren't a big problem.

The biggest highlight for me would be that every time you pick up a weapon, something new happens but I'm not going to tell you what! You'll just have to get the game to find out! You won't be disappointed!

In summary, the game is beautiful and has a great balance. The game takes so much from heavy metal and puts it into the game which is a great mix and worth the play. I enjoy playing this and can’t wait for what they do next!

Thank you for reading!

Rating: Shout - 9

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8 - 10 Shout

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