I’ve just played the demo of this game, and weirdly my first thought is that it is a 2D mix of ‘Brutal Legend’ and ‘Dead Cells’ which is excellent!

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If you love video games and heavy metal, this is a game for you.

But even if you aren’t into heavy metal, you should give this game a little look before deciding not to play it. Try the Demo on Steam right now! Well, maybe, after finishing reading the article.

You are in the far corner of space, and a lost fortress has reappeared in Orbit. The fortress of Valfaris has vanished from the Galactic charts and has appeared back from nowhere…

It was ones a paradise, but now it seems like darkness has swallowed the fortress, you play as Therion. Once a proud son of the fortress, he returns to destroy the evil that has taken of the place once known as paradise.

This game has some great heavy metal soundtrack to really get you the mood to destroy some evil! With some out of this world artwork! The only thing I would want to change the detail on the main character slightly but everything else does make up for it.

The weapons look great, some weapons do have a type of stamina bar, and if it runs out, you’ll have to use your sidearm and sword, but the sword does refuel the bar so that you can then use the shield and heavy firepower again to destroy the evil of the fortress. The only downside is that there isn’t a face melter weapon! Maybe when the game is fully released, I hope there is one! I can’t be too critical as it is only the demo.

If you like the sound this, you can have a go at their demo right now on steam!

Good luck on the first boss!

I rate this game a 9.5 out of 10!

Twitter: @ValfarisGame


As always, may all your gameplay be high scores!

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