Top five films you could of missed in 2018

In no particular order! Great films you might not have known about, released in 2018!

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(1) Teen Titans Go! to the Movies


This film isn’t for everyone if you enjoy the comics or are a fan of the tv show – why not give it a watch! Cartoons aren’t just for kids! Sometimes it nice to just relax and watch a less severe film like this. If you have little ones or not, it’s a blast from the past which reminded me of when I used to watch the old Teen Titans Go! I recommend you give it a try, it is a good film about teen heroes struggling to be considered as real heroes – if you’re a fan of cartoons and superheroes give it a try!

(2) Ready Player One


This is gamer film, set in a virtual world called the OASIS where anything is possible… In the future, the year of 2045 – gaming has changed in the last 20 years which thinking about it, it’s not that impossible. This film is for gamers and non-gamers alike, its a great action-packed film. There so many easter eggs for players watching this film, you’ll think its easter.

(3)  Bad Times at the El Royale


I generally think that this film is one of the most underrated films of the year. I don’t know if its the fault of the release date or maybe something else, but it’s a mystery film, following seven strangers with dark secrets who all end up in the same motel… Watch it to find out more!

(4) I Kill Giants


This film seems to have been missed by a lot of people, but it was an excellent film, and I would have thought that as this film has the same producers as the Harry Potter films, it would bring in a lot more fans and be more well known! It didn’t seem to do well though. Since you are reading this article, you are looking for a film you missed last year, you should start with this one! This film follows a girl, trying to escape from reality and fight trolls to save the world… Can it sound any better!

(5)The Death of Superman


The Death of Superman, an animated film based on the graphic novel. I wouldn’t go into too much detail on what happens but as you can guess by the title of the film a superhero will die but if you enjoyed the graphic novel you’ve got to try this film. Made by DC, this film has a different vibe to number 1 of this list. Even if you’ve never watched one of the DC cartoon movies, give it a try because to me, being a big comic book fan, it’s fantastic! Some advice if you enjoyed this, go and watch the Batman: Under Red Hood or Batman vs Robin.

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