Top 5 – How WWE could be better than AEW in the future!

Yeah, Smackdown and Raw ratings aren’t the best and with the amount of talent in their roster, how is that possible?!

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Well, it is possible due to booking in the past and lies told to their fans.

There was a promise of a significant change, but I haven’t seen it, at all.

They have great talent like Sanity, The Good Brothers, Zack Ryder, The Riot Squad, Ember Moon, Bray Wyatt, The Perfect Ten Tye Dillinger, Bo Dallas, Curt Hawkins, Curtis Axel, Elias, Lucha house party, Mojo Rawley, No Way Jose and Samoa Joe get close to no air time at all!

It’s the same people getting the chances over and over again, the only way a wrestler gets a chance is if someone else gets injured like Kofi, just got a shot because Mustafa Ali injured. Why must someone else fail for someone else to get an opportunity and succeed?

So with the hype behind AEW getting closer and closer to becoming true, WWE has to change something if they’re going to keep up and here are the 5 things I think WWE should do to make sure they don’t get overtaken by AEW!

(1) Make Smackdown and Raw more like NXT.

Smackdown and Raw can’t really ever be close to NXT because of how long the shows are compared to NXT but if it took some of the aspects from NXT and applied it Smackdown and Raw would make the shows significantly better.

Let’s start with Raw, Tommaso Ciampa is a great champion, he’s not there all the time, and he only shows if there’s a worthy champion or something. He does what he wants, there’s no manager speaking for him. Tommaso Ciampa seems to be there even when he isn’t, Brock Lesner, as everybody knows, is only there for the money, and I don’t care about that but don’t give him a championship. There are so many wrestlers who could be at shows and actually make the championship worth it and have a passion for wrestling and doing so for entertainment purposes and not just for the money. Yeah, Brock Lesner brings ratings, he can wrestle, but that doesn’t mean he should have the championship.

It just feels like in NXT, everyone should have the chance at a championship, but you have to earn a chance it isn’t handed to you like on Raw and Smackdown.

I do think that Smackdown is close to NXT on matches and titles with Daniel Bryan finally getting a championship but with R-Truth… I just don’t know about that, I just think that Raw and Smackdown need to focus more on the matches and storylines.

AEW are already saying they’re going to be counting every loss and win in matches to see who deserves an opportunity and it seems that NXT to a certain extent do that, for example, Bianca Belair was on a winning streak, and after that she got a championship shot, but Raw and Smackdown doesn’t look at wins and losses as much. Look at Drew McIntyre, whom has won a lot of matches now, although against the same people, I don’t think he’s had any championship match yet (I could be the wrong comment if I am) but I do know that he hasn’t had a universal championship match yet which I think he deserves and if he were in NXT or AEW he would be closer to the championship than he is now!

(2) Give someone else the universal championship.

I generally think as soon as Brock Lanser loses his championship to someone, anyone, the rating will go up and depending on how WWE does it, it could bring a lot of rating in. For example, if they actually made the championship worthwhile again because at the minute, I genuinely don’t think that RAW has not got a championship because we only see the champion with the championship, roughly 10 times last year. I just end up forgetting about Brock because he’s never there and even if he is, it’s not like he cares one bit about the belt, so I don’t see the point in him having it.

(3) Make NXT a brand with Raw and Smackdown.

NXT has some great wrestlers who have already done amazing things, so I don’t see how it can be called developmental with the talent they have. Yeah, maybe a few still need a bit more work but superstars like Adam Cole, Aleister Black, Bobby Fish, Johny Gaegano, Pete Dunne, Walter, War Raiders, Tommaso Ciampa, Velveteen Dream, Ricochet, Bianca Belair, Dakota Kai, Kairi Sane and Io Shirai are all great wrestlers who should be classed at main roster. With WWE’s plan to expand to other countries, NXT UK, NXT Japan, NXT Germany, etc. should be the home of the developmental, like a developmental branch rather than NXT. Even having an NXT USA would be great! Somewhere for local talent can improve without looking like a joke and being easily pinned by an NXT superstar. This could be done, if they ever do, NXT vs RAW/SMACKDOWN, we can only HOPE!

(4) Make Brock Lesner the new WrestleMania streak holder! 

I don’t think Brock should lose a match for the championship, I think that WWE should take it off him for not turning up to a match or something like that, then he goes away for a while and comes back at FastLane or something where he would attack someone, for no reason. On Raw after Fast Lane, Triple H would say something along the lines of ‘we’ve already taken the championship off you, we will fire you if you carry on attacking wrestlers.’ Cue the Brock Lesner’s music and in he comes with Paul Hayman. They argue, well Paul Hayman argues for his client. Triple H gets angry and issues a match for next week’s Raw, with a feud between Triple H, and Brock Lesner continues until WrestleMania, where it ends with Brock Lesner winning, beginning the streak of Brock Lesner.

(5) Rotate their Superstars!

This is a simple change for WWE to make. Just give the Superstar a break, so other wrestlers have a chance to prove themselves and give time to heal and rest, so they don’t get injured and are out of action for a long period which means you’ll get to see more Superstars on shows and giving other wrestlers a chance. Making everyone happier and more likely to stay with WWE rather than leave to go to AEW which at the minute is the best bet for underused stars like Saintly who are making their frustrations known on Twitter. Put them in the spotlight to make them happy and to give the Usos a break and time to relax and even try to become better wrestlers.


I do think these are the top five ways WWE doesn’t end up like WCW, boost their ratings by at least three million and with ‘Double or Nothing’ selling out in 4 minutes. They really need to do something big to keep at the top because I think that at this rate, WWE will lose against AEW.

What do you think? Comment with your thoughts!

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