Top 5 games you might have missed in 2018

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(1) Hollow Knight


For the people who have played Salt and Sanctuary back in 2016 or played Dead Cells and Death Gambit through 2018. Even if you’re a fan of the amazing Souls series, this game is for you. With a weird world, you play as a Hollow Knight with his weapon of choice being a nail, it has an in-depth story, full of secrets to discover…

Available on: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo switch

(2) Unravel Two


Unravel two is the sequel to the first Unravel game and if you’ve played the first Unravel game, you’ve probably played the second because you already know what a great game this is. But if you missed this game last year; and you are into video games, you must give this series a go! This game focuses more on multiplayer, but you could also play it as single player, but if you do have someone to play this game with, you have to give this game ago, you will not regret it.

Available on: Xbox One, PlayStation 4

(3) Battle Princess Madelyn


This is a game that definitely shouldn’t have been missed if you are a big indie game player like me you’ve probably found this hidden gem, but if you haven’t this game is a 2D side-scrolling game pixel art based game, you play as a knight called Madelyn on a journey to save her kingdom, good luck!

Available on: Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Wii U?

(4) Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden


If you’re a bit of a fan of a little game called XCOM and what to play a game with a great story, you’ve got to give this game a go! You might not have heard of this game due to all of the massive game realises within the year. If you want to scratch that tactical strategy game itch – just go and buy this game! It has some cool characters including a sarcastic duck do I need to say more!

Available on: Xbox One, PlayStation 4.

(5) Omensight

Do you want to play a great game developed by award winners? Yeah so do I! You play as a warrior of crisis in a land torn by war, and there’s also a Dark God of Destruction, it’s your journey that will save this land from war and Gods. There’s a wide range of characters with there own secret which adds detail to the story, and you’ll have to find them, out for yourself, good luck!

Available on: Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo switch

Honourable Mentions

The Messager

the messenger.jpg

Realised on: Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo switch, PC



Realised on: PC, Nintendo switch



Realised on: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One

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