Top 10 unknown games to look out for in 2019

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In no particular order! These are the games that Unknown Games are looking forward to in 2019!

1: Omno


This game looks great and relaxing! If you’ve played the game ‘Journey’ and struggle to find a game like it, you’ve found it. This game has been funded by Kickstarter and has a lot of information on their website; I have played the demo, and it’s great. I’ve already written an article about this fantastic game on this website! Check it out for more details on this game.

release date: Fall 2019

2: Feudal Ally


Feudal Ally looks like a great sidescrolling game with a bizarre but wonderful story! You play as a robot controlled by a fish and fight other fish in robot gear. This game is coming to Nintendo Switch, I’ve done an article on this game so make sure you check it out.

release date: 17 Jan 2019

3: Skelattack

skelattack-cover-art-ukuza-102018 (2)

Skelattack is a dungeon sidescroller game, but it’s not your typical dungeon crawler game. Usually, you would be fighting skeletons in the dungeon and maybe the odd bat, but in this game, as a skeleton, you fight off the humans trying to steal the relics on the dungeon with your friend bat. There are so many different game mechanics within, so you won’t get bored at any time, check the full article on this game on the website.

release date: Released

4: Flynn: Son of Crimson


This action-packed game is full of mystery and adventure with a rich storyline. A 2D platform game available on PC, Xbox and PlayStation 4 by Studio Thunderhorse, they hope to have this game eventually available on Nintendo Switch. You can find more information in our article about this game on the website. The Studio Thunderhorse consists of six members, and they have funded the game with their own money, and now the game is on Kickstarter!

release date: TBA 2019



This game has some fantastic artwork, and it looks like it plays similar to a game called Titan Souls but its completely different. It does focus on the bosses who look amazing! If you have a look at their Steam account  or twitter @ittas_gun, you can find out more about the game and see some of the progress in their development.

release date: TBA 2019

6: Valfaris


If you want to play a 2D action packed game which is literally out of this world! It’s set in the corners of space with great colourful pixel art and has a significant focus on its soundtrack. As you fight through the darkness within the fortress of Valfaris, you’ll fight many different enemies… You can find out more information on the links on their Twitter @ValfarisGame or on their Steam account: We will be writing an article about this game very soon, so keep an eye out for it. You won’t regret it!

release date: TBA 2019

7: 3 Minutes to Midnight


This game is a change of pace with a comedy adventure and a great story. The gameplay is a classic point-and-click inspired by Sam & Max hit the road. You play as two different characters through this story as you find secrets and discover the truth to the conspiracy. It has some great artwork and some puzzles because you can’t have a point-and-click game with puzzles! You can find more information on Twitter @3m2midnight and on Steam: or on their website: We will have an article on this game very soon!

release date: TBA 2019

8: Praey  for the Gods


This game just looks terrific its made by No Matter Studios, a team of three and by what I’ve seen of the game, it looks fantastic! Slightly similar to ‘Shadow of the Colossus’ but imagine if that was set on a frozen island… To me, it sounds great! You are up against the very god you believe in, alone.

You can find more information on their website: or on Steam: or Twitter @PraeyForTheGods We will have an article up about this game very soon.

release date: Released

9: Eagle island

eagle island

This a great pixel game where you play as Quill in the avian world of Eagle Island through your journey you come across many different locations and a lost civilisations through your adventure to save Ichiro from a deity. The artwork in this game is beautiful. There’s a lot of depth to it, and for me, this is a must play of 2019, and it’s out in February. You can find more information on this game on Twitter @pixelnicks or on Steam: We will be doing an article on this game as soon as possible!

release date: Feb 2019

10: Degrees of Separation

degree of seporation

This is a puzzle game with a twist, you play as Ember or Rime. This game does look like it is co-op only but it does offer a single player, they are separated by an enigmatic force. They can not touch or cross their forces – will it force them to live apart or bring them closer together… You will have to play the game to find out! For more information on this game head over to Steam: or on Twitter @DofsGame. An article will be written on this game very soon!

release date: Feb 2019

Thank you for reading!

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