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10: DRAGON PILOT: Hisone & Masotan

We start with quite a peculiar one, and that’s saying something for anime! This animation is written by Hiroshi Kobayashi and Mari Okada and follows Hisone Amakasu, a rookie Self-Defence Force. She joins the Self-Defence Force to distance herself from people because she accidentally hurt their feelings by talking too blunt and straightforward. This is where it gets a bit weird, Hisone meets OTF, a dragon, hidden on the base. The dragon chose her as her dragon rider, and that is where the story begins…

9: Fate/Apocrypha

This series isn’t necessarily known for its storyline, but for its amazing battles scenes. It’s set in an alternate universe in the Fate/Stay Night universe which is a novel. In an alternate universe where the Holy Grail is stolen 50 years previously to when the novel was set. The new Holy Grail War begins, between the Mages Association and the rebellious Ygdillemna Family. 15 servants are summoned for a battle royal during this war. The fight scenes in this animation are amazing, and they’ll really get you rooting for a character and ten in the next episode you might change your mind on which character you are rooting for!

8: B: The Beginning

Set in a world thrown into chaos by a serial killer called Killer B. You follow Keith, a legendary investigator tasked with stopping Killer B in the nation of Cremona. The world has advanced technology and has been overrun by crime. The series contains many twists and turns and maybe even a mysterious criminal organisation who won’t stop until they achieve their goals…

7: Knights of Sidonia 

The story is set in the future, in the year 3394. After mankind flees the earth, after being invaded by a race of shapeshifting aliens known as the Gauna. Near the end of the war with the invaders, there were hundreds of ships made from the remains of the planet containing the survivors of humanity. Now there is only one ship left called the Sidonia, what happened to the other ships is unknown. They have no information on why the Gauna attacked them and what their goals were. If you’re a fan of futuristic animation set in space with a hit of aliens and immortality, check this series out!

6: SWORDGAI The Animation

This is one amazing looking anime with a dark fantasy feel to it. The story follows a boy named Gai born in the woods with only a sword to his name. The boy is eventually found by a blacksmith called Amon. Gai works obsessively to hone his skills as a blacksmith, he eventually loses his arm in an accident. Gai eventually had his sword fitted into his new arm, but this could have been a mistake. This a great animation with great battles fuelled with rage and is an ongoing series with series 3 recently released.

5: Castlevania

If you remember the Castlevania games, you must watch this series! It’s an ongoing series telling the story of Trevor Belmont but also focuses on Sypha Belnades. The series is mainly about Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse. As in the game, you play as Trevor Belmont who’s trying to kill Dracula before he takes over Europe. The series does take the same route but not completely with added characters from different games early on and in different plots. This is probably to extend the story to the next chapter easily and maybe even diving into the plot of the other games too. The animation is great with some amazing fight scenes and for any long time Castlevania fans – Vampire killer does make an appearance. The team behind this anime series really paid tribute to the fantastic classics.

4: Aggretsuko

This series is truly great and a binge-worthy series! It follows a red panda called Retsuko. The series has some great heavy metal songs which on their worth, is watching the series! The story follows Retsuko who has a boring office job with her boss walking all over her, but she always keeps calm and in control of her anger until the end of her shift. The end of every shift and sometimes during, she releases her anger by singing some amazing heavy metal songs. The series has great humour and storyline as she tries to live up to societies expectations and find love. Something many people can relate to people with. This is an ongoing series with the last series being recently released.

3: Little Witch Academi

If you’re looking for an anime series to binge watch right now on Netflix, you’ve just found one. Adapted from the short movie Little Witch Academi. Kekko is an ordinary girl, inspired to be a witch after seeing that her idol is a witch. Series 2 is in development, so it’s an ongoing series with the producers of the show happy with how the first series went.

2: Magi: Adventure of Sinbad

The series follows a boy called Sinbad with the power of the sea. In this world, there are legends of dungeon containing great treasure. Sinbad wants to explore the dungeons to find the treasure. On his journey, Sinbad meets many friends and foes. There is a lot of magical and mystical things going on in this anime series making it an amazing short anime series to watch.

1: Seven Deadly Sins

I have saved the best for last. This series follows seven knights but mostly follows one of the strongest of the knights, Meliodas. The Seven Deadly Sins are knights for the kingdom before they were betrayed and went their separate ways to hide. The series focuses highly on magic with all the holy knights of the realm having their own magic powers. This series is one of the best on Netflix with its great humour and its inclusion of mages and demons and so much more to offer!

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