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Updated: Sep 21, 2019

Welcome to the new weekly mumble, were we go through the things happening in the nerd industry right now.

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Well, we have the big news of the week; we have a new switch

Yeah, that’s right we’re going to have a new, smaller, cheaper switch. The only downside of this is that it can only be undocked, so you cant play it on the TV, but if you’re like me, you only play it undocked you won’t have a problem with that. You can find the full cringy trailer below, ooo look at them sides.

The Joker Returns


We are getting new Joker comics! The first issue is titled Joker: Killer Smile which reunites Lemire with artist Andrea Sorrentino. The Joker is my favourite villain. I’m excited about this. If it’s for the sales, maybe we will get a couple more villain comics like Bane or some villain from Marvel like Green Goblin or something like that. Although there is a lot of villain comics out there doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be more, we can also have more villans!

Cuphead heading to Netflix what?

Yeah, you heard that right! The amazing game Cuphead made by some very passionate people who put their own house on the line to get the game released. The game is going to be a Netflix series. I’m not sure how it’s going to work, but it should be good. As well as that the DLC teaser trailer has been released and you can watch that below.

Random roundup!

  1. Dragon Quest Builders 2 has been released!

  2. Jay for the duo of Jay and Silent Bob is directing his own film which I’m going to be writing a full article about that so stay tuned, subscribe to stay notified!

  3. Jump Force DLC, Bakugo. Is it too late to play?

  4. Mulan trailer. Where’s my sauce!!!

  5. Maleficent 2 trailer.

  6. The Walking Dead comics has finished. Sad times!

These will be weekly, so please comment your thoughts on the articles!

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