The Mumblingamer has gone through another change

Hi if you have visited my website before, you may think it’s a very small news outlet that deliver random news and thoughts of the nerd industry. Now though due to be being hired by Gamestinr to write for them. There’s not much point writing them types of article here. So, I though I’d start writing indie games but then I got hired by TheIndiegamer magazine. Making it a bit pointless for me to actually write indie game article when you can check my work out there.

I hear you asking what will the Mumblingamer blog be now? Let me answer that question, it will be an update on what happening with the Mumblingamer and where you can hire me as a writer for your site. Now known as the MumblinGuy. The name hasn’t changed yet, but it will soon, and you can check out my Twitter which has already changed. I’m also going into YouTube and making videos twice a week on two different channels. I’ll also be doing a monthly indie showcase on Indie Revolt at the end of every month.

The final thing I’m currently working on is a video game; VikingPunk. I can’t give much details about it right now but stay tuned here to find out more in the very near future. This is a big change, so let’s end this with the beginning WELCOME TO THE MUMBLINGUY! Stay tuned.

The next couple of articles will go into detail of the projects I’m currently working on and I’ll start this week with What the MumblinGamer will be where I’ll go into detail on what I’ll be doing as the MumlinGamer. Then MumblinGuy, Indie Revolt and then will end with the reveal of VikingPunk; my new game in development. Stay tuned as a mumble through life. Good luck and stay safe.

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