Slammiversary worst PPV I have seen this year?

This a very short article about the next Impact wrestling PPV.

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Firstly I’ve been away from Impact wrestling since I had to pay for the weekly episodes, but I’m tempted to go back because Rob Van Dam is wrestling there. I tried to get back into it, and it just wasn’t that good.

There was a couple of comments I saw which said it was great and it wasn’t that the matches weren’t that great for the PPV it was meant to be. The atmosphere just said it’s not a PPV, it just kinda bored me. I think feuds and stories go on for way too long in Impact wrestling. As since the last time I watched Impact wrestling, over a year ago, the storylines and feuds haven’t really changed.

The PPV had some great matches, but it just felt like any other episode not at all like a PPV. Except for the women wrestlers, were all fantastic! Out of all of the wrestling companies, it definitely should be Impact wrestling to do a Women’s PPV.

The storylines and feuds at Impact put out that the male superstars need a bit of work, but the women superstars are the best part of Impact wrestling and should just keep doing what they are doing.


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