SINNER: Sacrifice for Redemption

Let’s start off with one question, do you like playing hard games?

What about games which feature the Seven Deadly Sins?

If so, Sinner is definitely the game for you, but before you go buy it, make sure you finish reading this article first!

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Thank you again, so let’s begin.

Time for a badass trailer!

This game focuses highly on bosses which are great, but it is a hard game with a lot to offer. You fight the Seven Deadly Sins from Wrath to Lust, but that’s not all! There is a surprise boss as the end…

That’s not all though, because there are multiple ending which you will have to discover, different weapons to collect from defeating the bosses in different modes and in the latest update, there are some more bosses you can defeat for more weapons and glory!


You play as Adam, who must face his greatest sins. Will he attain redemption or will he wallow in the past of his sins?

That’s all up to you, this game task inspired by the infamous Dark Soul’s games, I’ve finished all three Dark Soul games, and I still struggled with the game!

This game does have a levelling up twist, where you don’t actually level up. You kind of level down as every boss you face you have to sacrifice something, from your shield to your defensive armour. This takes the level up grind I did in all of the Dark Souls like games, although you do get a health boost after you defeat a boss.


It’s hard to miss how much effort has been put into making these bosses because of the details in the boss fights with nearly all the bosses have multiple stages and feels like they are adapting to your attacks. Making it even harder to predict their moves! Some of them do have status effects like poison and freeze which do hurt! As well as all the detail in the boss fights, the bosses themselves, have a lot of detail and their own backstory making the fight actually mean something.

The game received an update on the 19 of February of this year, where they added new bosses and weapons and more game modes, this means that the game may have more updates to come meaning maybe more bosses and hopefully even more weapons!

Released on: PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and Steam.



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