Roof Rage

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

Rage, Rage and F******g Rage

Price: £10

Background story to the game: This game is made by a studio with an amazing name called Early Melon. It was initially on steam but has recently just been released on Nintendo Switch. I got the chance to play it on steam, but it did seem it would make an excellent fit for the Switch. The game is based around arena fights where you pick out of up to about 16 characters, and then you can fight in a wide range of areas. I think it takes some inspiration from Smash Bros but what a game to take inspiration from.

The game is an arena fighting game where if you get hit out of the arena, you lose a life, and if you run out of health, you lose a life. The game is a 2D with Pixel art which the art style is solid, and it works. The game has an arcade mode where you go through different enemies. Sometimes there may be more than one to fight at a time and when that happens it really changes the pass of the match but if you get through the arcade mode at a high enough level you're treated to a great boss fight but it won't be easy. I had to learn the hard way.

They have a great roster of different characters to choose from and arenas to fight in. The game has a lot for you to do and I like the fact that you genuinely have to get good at the game to see the boss. I like hard games, and this a good thing as it gets people to improve and get better. It is easy to pick up but tough to master.

The game could have more story to it, but that's just me I find it hard to get invested into a game what does heavily based on a story, but that is just my own previous. There isn't much online presence set. The game doesn't have the online presence on switch yet, but I think it will do soon, but the game PC didn't have many online players, and this game could thrive with a larger community of online players.

My Summary of the Game: The game had come a long way from when it was the first released. But for me, its the lack of story and I think in a game like this, a story would really help you to keep investing in the game. With the mechanics already set in place, a story would be amazing. There's a lot of fun and unique characters in this game and a story going into detail about them would help this game get better.

Rating: Mumble - 6

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