Rising Lords

Medieval strategy game.

With card game and board game elements – with 50 unique events and cards to collect this game is full of risks..

But with risks come opportunities to defeat your enemies and punish those who dare to defy you.

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Aspects of the game:

  1. Build up your own character and choose their skill set

  2. Collect taxes and resources

  3. Buy from merchants

  4. Command production

  5. Let the peasants do your bidding

  6. Forge weapons

  7. Raise armies and play mind games with enemies

  8. Battles on the battlefield

  9. Craft the perfect troop to take to battle and win!

  10. Create cities of your choosing

Use the serfs (peasants) – let them die for you in battle.

Play mind games with your opponents and mock their chosen moves with the advanced social interaction tool! Or complements your opponents move this option is supposed to convey the psychology of war.

Choose between campaign mode and the multiplayer function.

This indie strategy game is similar to chess as it is turn-based with amazing historical drawing on medieval people and the weapons they use. I would call this computer game a cross between a chess and card game which is unique!

With historically accurate weaponry and characters as well as subtle variables, this medieval game will keep you on your toes with the surprises and risks involved.

Each move you make has a consequence, and as a lord this may affect those that work and live on your land…

Treat the peasants kindly or even the most loyal will eventually revolt so treat your people well or dump them on a battlefield.

A strategy is needed on the battlefield – will you trap and starve out your enemy or will go full force attack or wait for the enemy to come to you…?

Rising Lords lets you, as a lord with peasants at your disposal can send them to fight your battles or let them work your lands and prosper from the crops, letting your knights do the fighting for you.

Why not see the amazing artwork for yourself and watch the trailer below;

Rising Lords is being made by Argonwood in Germany.

Argonwood is an independent game developing studio by brothers Chris and Manu Fernholz with the help of five freelancers.

Rising Lords is due to be released in 2019.

Check out Argonwood Studio and keep up to date with their progress on;

Twitter @argonwood


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