Pushing The Fiend Way Too Early

The Fiend is the best thing to happen in WWE since when Daniel Bryan finally got the push he deserved. Since then I can't think of anything amazing what's happened in WWE but has the Fiend been pushed way too quickly? Seth Rollins is very protected in wrestling with him beating one the most powerful and protected wrestlers Brock Lasner for the championship. So I think that The Fiend isn't going to win the championship to save Seth Rollins from taking a loss. I think they're going to do an angle where the Fiend loses from DQ because The Fiend doesn't care about the championship belt but doesn't that hurt the belt?

This early push will hurt something within the WWE. It will either be Seth Rollins' grind against Brock to get a championship or The Fiend story if he takes a loss this early it could mess up his character and if The Fiend purposely hurts the belt. All of this hurts the best in the company, or one of the main goals of all the superstars, the WWE Universal Championship or the Smack-down championship belt. If one the best superstars doesn't even want the belt, what's really the point.

I personally don't like Seth Rollins, it is obvious that he's getting pushed to be a future Hall of Famer. If Seth gets destroyed by the Fiend, it kind of suddenly messes up what they've been doing with him and if Seth wins that messes the best thing to happen in WWE for a long time.

This could have been saved by The Fiend taking out other superstars for long, having a proper feud with other superstars. Not going straight to the top guy in the brand. By winning the United States championship defending that for a while then giving away for a chance at the Universal championship but then maybe Triple H or perhaps someone else says he can't defend the championship until he defeated The Undertaker. This making that into the retirement match for the Undertaker and then the touch has been passed to The Fiend, and The Fiend vs Seth Rollins is set for Wrestlemania.

If WWE did something like that, Seth Rollins losing his Belt wouldn't damage Seth Rollins but push him because The Fiend has had to cerement his dominants of the roster, making him a massive threat to Seth. This wouldn't hurt anything in WWE and would even give more things to be interested in making WWE watchable. It could also in the future set up The Fiends first loss against the Demon Balor another alter ego. That could build a massive feud between these two wrestlers and give Fin Balor the belt what he never lost. Cementing both of these superstars as Legends. As well as making sure none of the superstars lose their strength within the brand.

This would strengthen some superstars and not hurt the belt that every superstar wants.

what do you think WWE will mess up next comment below with your thoughts?

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