Prediction for TRW UNDERGROUND!!!!

What is TRW Underground I hear you ask?

TRW Underground is a 2D Pixel art wrestling show. Created by Top Rope Wrestling which can find on Twitter @TRWTopRope. This is shaping up to be a great show and will probably be better than most of WWE PPV. I'm sure if its AEW standards but let's hope so, so let's begin the prediction.

With all the matches, it's hard to say due to the fact that all of these are their first matches but I will give it ago!

Match #1 is an 8 man Battle Royale, with a mystery TRW debut!

Winner - The Mystery Superstar

Match #2 will be a 6 Man Tag match between the Cassidy Gang and the Los Luchadores!

I think it will be the Luchadores to win with this one.

Match #3 will have 'sTRW's Women's title on the line! Sukki Saki vs Mad Dash

We have the Women's title next, and I think the winner will be Sukki Saki.

Match #4 will have two veterans of TRW (and former tag team) CRIME vs PUNISHMENT! Hardcore title on the line in this cage match!

We have a hardcore match next, God only knows what will happen with this one! But I'm hoping for CRIME to win this. Will the big question be answered? Does CRIME pay? or does PUNISHMENT always beat the CRIME?

Match #5 will pit our Cruiserweight champion SNAKE EYES against BENNY HAMMER!

We have the highflyers next, and I'm edging towards Snake Eyes for the win.

Match #6 will have the HIGHLANDERS defending their tag team belts against TOKYO EXPRESS!

The Tag team championship is on the line, and let's hope Tokyo Express take the win.

Match #7 is a Landmine GRUDGE MATCH for the ages! FLAME vs SMOKE - there will be blood!

The Landmine Grudge Match a match no true wrestling fan will want to miss it.

Match #8 pits the most HATED man in all of TRW (JON JORDAN) against ACE STRYKER, with Jordan'sJordan's I.C. Title and Canadian Championship on the line!

Championships are on the line, and I hope the most hated man in TRW loses to The Ace Stryker.

Title match. We have the main even between the lightning-fast panther vs the sharp stinging Scorpion.

Even though these two look evenly matched, I'm going to go with the Scorpion.

The match begins on Friday, follow the link below to set a reminder on youtube for a can't miss event!

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