Pawn My Soul / The Poet and the Flea

Two amazing comics are written and illustrated by G. E. Gallas.

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Pawn My Soul


Set in the past, this black and white tale is about a young woman called Lilith. A condemned woman paid to be a ‘sin-eater’. She takes on the sins of those who have recently died, so that they can go to heaven. Hired by the son of recently deceased Old Man Jasper whom is rumoured to have killed his first wife. This supernatural comic as Lilith gets involved in the Jasper family affairs which will end in tragedy…

This is also is an ongoing webcomic.

The Poet and the Flea


Volume 1 of 3, set in the 18th-century onset to the Industrial Revolution. A recreation of the life of William Blake, painter and poet, distraught by the death of his younger brother. With his wife unable to comfort him in this unique and supernatural comic. The Ghost of a Flea takes an interest in the poet-painter. As the creature meddles in William’s life – will he triumph or fall victim to the corruption of the Ghost of a Flea…

This black and white comic with beautiful illustrations has a Tim Burton feel to it. With mystery and darkness, volume 2 and 3 are still in progress. Read volume 1 to find out what happens next in this original graphic novel! –

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