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It’s a pixel art game with RPG features its a single player game where you make your path through your journey as you manipulate the dungeons with floating cubes of Kardia.

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Through the game, you’ll meet different NPCs which will become your allies on your journey within the game. You will fight a devastating monster and terrifyingly unique bosses which have inspiration from past pixel games.

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You play as Orion who has fallen from the Valley of Gods by his brother. Decades past and the people living on Kardia cubes disappear… An explorer emerges from the earth’s surface to find new sources of Kardia.

The game will be available on Steam, consoles have yet to be announced, but I’m personally hoping it will be available on Nintendo Switch, but even if it’s only on PC, I will be playing this game as it looks great and will be worth the wait.

Estimated release date: 2019/2020

Check out the developers Twitter and website for updates.



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