My Friend Pedro: Review

Updated: Sep 21, 2019

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This is just a small review about a game I finished yesterday; My Friend Pedro. I really enjoyed this game. When I find a great game, I love to share it, which is why I started this website, so that you can play a great game too.

When I started this, God it was a surprise how good it was. Let’s start with that I’m not a big indie game player. I’ve only started playing indie games religiously since I got my Nintendo Switch around a year ago now. I am forgetful of big releases for Indie games, but I remembered about this game and pre-ordered it, excitedly waiting for it to be released!

My Friend Pedro did make me stop what I was currently playing and just play it non stop until I finished it! It was fantastic! It does give you a lot of replayability with its leader boards. It has different difficulty levels with its classic three levels of difficulty, which is excellent for people who start at easy and then play again on a hard level. This wasn’t the case for me. I played on the hardest difficulty, it was tough but still enjoyable.

The story is simple, but it’s impressive at the same time. It has twists and turns in it but still keeping it simple. With a game like this, you don’t really want a complicated story. You want simplicity so you can just enjoy the fantastic game play which you will.

The only bad thing, I have to say for it, is that it’s a bit short, but with the game-play and replay ability, it’s worth the buy!

Score: 8/10

May all your game-play be high scores!

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