Monster Sanctuary

So do you want to explore a land full of monsters?

A peaceful place where monster keepers live in harmony with their monsters. The monster keepers raise the monsters and keep the peace within the land.

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The uncertain arrival of unusually powerful monsters disturb the peace of the land and with them bringing mysteries to explore…

You are one of many monster keepers, you decide to go on a journey to find the reasons for the changes within the land.

The gameplay looks smooth and deep. It’s similar to the old Pokemon games but in a 2D fashion but with similarities, comes its own imaginative story. As you start your journey as part of an ancient bloodline of the Monster Keepers you choose from one of four different species of monster to begin your journey, choose wisely.

You’ll journey through Monster Sanctuary, and you’ll find monster eggs through your journey. You raise the monsters, as they grow stronger, they will help you survive as you try to find the mysteries in the land. As you search, you will have to fight some of the more aggressive monsters out there meaning that the monsters you raise will protect you against the more aggressive monsters.

As you progress through the game, you will have to raise your monster to new levels, and they will learn new skills. With every monster, there is a different skill tree with different skills from protecting to debuffing making the gameplay deep.

The battles within the game are turn-based battles meaning you’ll have to use your monsters to combo attack different enemies, taking advantage of the enemies weakness. The enemies could also do this in return, so you’ll have to strategise your moves and make sure your monsters are ready for the challenge, if you win the battle you get a reward and if you win the battle with fewer turns your award will be rarer.

There’s a lot of areas where this game shines, but one of many things that stand out is the music it’s beautiful. Inspiring music which changes depending on the situation and really gets you involved in the game. You can be exploring an area for one moment then you might get to an area where there’s a boss, and the music really tells you that you’re in trouble. If you watch the trailer below, you’ll get a feeling of what to come from this great looking game.

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