Megatomic Battle Rabbit #3 -Aliens Excites

Issue 3 of 4.

Described as perfect for fans of Stranger Things!

I liked Issue 1, I loved reading Issue 2, Issue 3 is excellent! I can’t wait for Issue 4!

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We are back with a review of the latest issue of Megatomic Battle Rabbit!

This Issue keeps up with the comedy of the previous issues, I know it could be early, but I hope they make more in the same universe based on different characters!

This issue focuses more on the relationship between rabbit and boy and the friendship they have and introduces another character that believes in alien…

DrfeesaXgAMfD-i.jpg large

There’s more development of the powers of the Megatomic Battle Rabbit and its downright one of my favourite parts of the series.

This issue ends with a twist, so get ready because you’ll have to wait for the next issue, and personally I’m on the edge of my seat!

The geniuses behind the comics:

Written by Stu Perrins. Twitter @stuperrins

Artwork by Israel Huertas. Twitter @IsraelHuertas2

Edited by Dan Rushton.

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