The 2D open world game where you can create your own magical abilities. You go on a journey around the world to discover the secrets behind rebuilding the universe. You play as Pimpim, a young girl with incredible powers who goes on a journey to explore the world.

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The story takes places as Pimpim starts her dream to discover the secrets of the world and decides to join the explorer guild. As she dives deeper into the guild, she traces her origins


The magic craft ability is a big part of the game, focusing on bringing elementary powers together to create your own magic power. This is required to level up, the elements mostly come from the environment, but there are some secret elements which are harder to find, but as you find and create more, you become stronger.

The game offers a wide range of different mechanics with you being able to change into a Magic weasal making you able to fly and travel through the world in different ways. Which gives you the option to not harm any of your enemies by getting past them using your abilities to make them less aggressive towards you. There is a companion system in places where you can find the right artefacts to us, the companion gives you knowledge of the former world and can be used as guardians for Pimpin enhancer her abilities to new levels.

The game takes inspiration from the glitches we find in other games which helps you through easier. The feeling you get when you find this glitch, for example, the biggest glitch I have seen was in the development room in Fallout 4, where you can get all of the weapons and armour, and you find something like that feels great, when you see a glitch in this game you’ll find surprises behind the glitched door,  comment below with your favourite glitch…

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