Little Heroes Comics Charity

Giving children in hospitals all over the UK the opportunity to create their own comic!

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The UK based charity delivers a kit to each child, the kit contains:

  1. 1 x A5 Drawing Pad

  2. 1 x Blank Panel Comic Book

  3. 2 x Pencils With Rubber Tips

  4. 1 x Double Ended Black Marker Pen

  1. 1 x Sharpener

  2. 1 x Pencil Rubber

  3. 3 x Comic Related Sticker Sets

  1. 4 x Helpful Drawing Guides

  2. 1 x Pack of 8 Crayons

  3. 1 x Pack of 12 Half Size Colouring Pencils

All of which ensures that all children in the hospital have something positive and productive to focus on in such a hard time.

On the 16th of April 2017 successful raised £1010 via CrowdFunding, this meant that 100 kits could be made.

Relying solely on donations, Little Heroes Comics Charity give out over 800 kits in hospitals across the UK, last year with over £14000.

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Finding out more about this great charity, take a look at them on their Twitter @littleheroeskit

Why not donate to a good cause at every little help and with a donation of £1 would make 1 kit for a little hero which would make their day!

Thank you for reading!

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