Koruldia Heritage

Do you want to explore a vast and massive alien world?

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The game is a turn-based RPG with a little hack and slash features. It’s your choice whether you fight everything you see or avoid your enemies, all your decisions will affect how your companions evolve.

You’ll start the game on an alien world called Korulimbo with many different types of areas, for example, you can go beneath the world where they’ll be terrifying monsters, but that means the more significant the award. They will be many chances to explore the dungeons of this world, where different types of monsters slumber.

This is an open world game where you explore the world at your leisure, you can explore the dungeons in any order although you could come across a stronger enemy if you wonder to far…


This game takes its inspiration from the classic game Final Fantasy VI, one of my favourite Final Fantasy games of old, but you can see the inspiration in the game with the art style and gameplay which is a great thing because it adds a lot of different mechanics to a game like this. With the companion system and the choice system also known as the merciful battle system with inspiration from Undertale and if you’ve played it you’ll know that’s some good inspiration.

The game will be very devoted to the story with your choices changing how the story goes, giving you the opportunity to play the game multiple times to find a different situation and maybe endings.

The artwork is a new take on retro because there’s detail within the retro, its not 8bit colours. The player can get the feel of retro with alot more detail to it and they’ve put alot of work into the music for the game to feel like your in the game.

The game will be available on: Steam, Nintendo Switch and PS4.

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