Knight of Exile

You are Cormac, a member of the six most powerful warriors, the Royal Guard. The kingdom is betrayed by one of its own. The Royal Guard is no more. Cormac is presumed dead, but he is wounded and almost dead. He ends up on the outskirts of the kingdom and is told by a stranger that the kingdom has been overthrown, and the king is dead. Cormac knows he’s not a stranger, enough to fight for the kingdom and he must travel to a mythical island to find a legendary artefact capable of granting vast power to the bearer, as time passes and he returns to the land of Olmur to fight for the kingdom.

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It’s a great 2D open world game, where you travel through the kingdom of Olmur, the kingdom is full of danger and magic with secrets hidden deep within the kingdom which deepens the story of the land…


The gameplay is a 2D hack and slash type of game, the fighting system is full of different weapons and magic, and you’ll have to learn how to use these effects to beat certain enemies.

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You’ll explore many different environments from caves to temples, all with there own physical and mental challenges. You’ll have to improve skills by levelling up from complete objectives and defeating enemies as you explore you could come up against stronger forces so make sure you prepare and if you carry on this journey, you’ll become the supreme warrior.

The art looks great as you explore the areas, the art really stands out and makes it feel like you’re moving through a great open world game. The combat makes you want to keep exploring every fight seem different, for example, the wolves jump at you, have the little time frame to hit a button to parry this making the gameplay fresh through the game.

This game is definitely one to look out for, with its combat system and the number of different areas to explore and an open world to add to the adventure and fantastic artwork.

Rating: 9!

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