Into The Rift

This is a side-scroller action adventure game called ‘Into the Rift’.The combat really stands out in this game, I have featured a clip below so that you can see for yourself, how great the combat is.

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You will be exploring a world similar to earth, with a quest to reunite a broken society…

Society has been split into two sides; The Favored and The Fallen, separated by fundamentally incompatible worldviews relating to reason and superstition, wow this sounds like living in the UK!


Your quest is to solve the problems within society, of both sides and navigate through a hostile environment as well as fighting the aggressive force, hell-bent on preventing you from completing your mission.

The high pixel art style is stunning and gives you a throwback to the older classic pixel games with updated techniques and mechanics.


As you play through the game, you won’t be reward with wealth and riches for your progress, but you will get to see the impact you have on the world as you play through the game, the things you do will impact your surroundings, so you’ll have the visual reward of success.

Into the Rift is a combat game that really stands out to me as well as the artwork and an exciting storyline, it looks so smooth in nearly every way, I do hope the game hits the high expectations I have, with the games promise of making people think of the issues between good and evil.

My predicted rating is 8/10!

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As always, may all your gameplay be high scores!

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