Indie Dev Rx is a great company which helps indie developers. They take out all the stress of building and maintaining press contacts, streamers contacts and industry links.

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The team consists of four members. Three of the members are from New York, and one is from Eugene, Oregon. They all work within the indie game industry like our website; in unknown games and by using their knowledge from the industry to hunt down contacts for the services they offer.

As a game developer, there is more to it than just thinking up a game idea. After designing the game and creating a story for it. You have to find someone who will publish the game then you need to advertise the game and release demos to ensure the target audience like the game, etc. It is a lot of hard work to make a game. From their experience of working in the indie game industry, they understand how time-consuming it is to get relationships ready for when you launch your game and how hard it is to find streamers and press to support your game. The team at IndieDevRx take away some of the stress by finding press and streaming contacts for your game!

They use contacts from the indie game industry that they have already worked with and know that the contacts do good work and are reliable.

This is a fantastic company which have found a gap in the market, noticed that there was a missing link between the game developer and the press and streaming businesses. They have developed a niche business and closed the gap. Making life easier for both!

Having the right contacts is crucial for the success of a game.

This team really have one their research into the massive industry of indie games before making the calculated move to create their company. They are forever expanding their contacts as they find more and more credible press and streamers to use, game developers are spoilt for choice with which contacts to choose from which is why this company is one to watch out for as their future can only get brighter and more successful.

You’d be a fool not to use them!!

Why not head to their website; or check them out on Twitter @indie_rx

Go to their contact page and fill out a form, become a contact for them or use them to help you find appropriate contacts to help your game be as successful as it can be.

Perhaps you are a game developer, struggling to get time to find streamers willing to play your game on release or struggling to find press willing to write and rate your indie game… Using IndieDevRx would be a great way to save time in your development.

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