Heralds of the Order

Maala is on the Gulf of war as a land without gods. It gives anyone the opportunity to achieve ancient powers. Feeling threatened and want to be the most powerful, warriors fight over ancient power.

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You are a Patronus and have been given the orders to restore balance to the world as the line between myth and reality fades. As war brews, you will fight countless enemies and make allies on your journey to bring balance.


This is a turn-based game which reminds me of chess-based strategy as you have to consider every move you make. If you make a mistake, you are one step closer to losing the battle, but you could still win the war.

The story is spread over 20 chapters, all with hand-drawn artwork. The artwork looks great, you have to customise your army to make sure you have the right ancient power for the challenge ahead. They’ll be some bosses to overcome on your journey, so make sure you use everything you’ve got to get through your journey.

This game is going to be released in Q1/Q2 2019.

There are so many different things which could turn the tides of battle if you want to know more head to the links below;

Twitter: @ArcheanGames


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