Hazelnut Bastille

The game is pixel art and looks great! As you can see on the feature picture above the art looks fantastic, the game is a dungeon crawler game. You’ll come across many different foes within the game from slow slugs to armoured frobbits. The game will have puzzles and touch bosses, the game takes inspiration from the classic 16bit Zelder games.

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You play as a young woman on a journey across unknown lands for the first time, to explore the lost race of ancients and to find the knowledge they once held for themselves. The reason for this is that she has lost something that belonged to her and she wants it back, as she journeys through the lands she’ll meet people who are on a journey of their own. As your journey takes shape, you will meet people who will be involved in your story – they might help you or try to stop you!

The closer you get to your goal, the harder the journey becomes, keep that in mind!

The game has a big focus on its inventory system, some of the items you collect might tell some of the stories behind this land. You will solve the puzzle, make sure you think of what you need for your journey because you can only carry a certain amount of items. Unlike other games they don’t have a currency, so you have to swap items for a new item so make sure you think before you act!

The game will be available on Nintendo switch and PlayStation 4.

Predicted rating: 8.5

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