Hail The Divider

The story is about a mysterious unknown knight, only known as the Divider. The real name and gender aren’t known. The Divider is sent to a parallel dimension that’s been overrun by demons.

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The Divider is not only in mortal danger by demons, constantly in struggle from depression which worsens their situation tenfold as things couldn’t get any worse.

A comic with great art designs you can see on the feature picture; the antagonists surrounding the hero. The antagonists are different types of demons, there are 5 in the feature picture. They are a mutant, a phantom, a demon what has been banished for genocide, a mechanical lizard and also an iron fist Queen of Insects.

Hail The Divider is a six-page comic which will be self published exclusively to Patrons. Patrons are people who have donated money towards the making of the comic, as soon as the Patron reaches its goal. If you would like to hear more about the fantastic storyline and great art of Hail The Divider and find out some of the secrets of the characters. Click on the link to find out more!  Keep up to date by following them on Twitter @godofallthings

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