Go Vegan for the New Year…

Veganism, you’ve probably seen a meme making fun of being a vegan, perhaps something about us eating grass.

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Well, we don’t eat grass. We don’t eat leaves. We just don’t want anyone to suffer for our food.

Before you give hate, please open your mind and broaden your horizons. Veganism is about love, not hate. It intends to reduce suffering and being kind to animals, humans and the planet.

I am 19 years old, I’ve been vegan for 4 1/2 years. Before that, I was vegetarian for 2 years and pescatarian for 3 years before that. It’s a journey and a learning curve. There is no judgement and everyone makes mistakes , even I do after 4 1/2 years! Like when they put white chocolate in the middle of all the dairy-free options and I thought that one would be as well! Serves me right for not checking!

Veganism is eating fruit, vegetables, nuts and anything without suffering in the ingredients and there are a lot of foods that are vegan that would surprise you. Being vegan isn’t necessarily restrictive, but it does mean not eating…

Eggs – because it’s exploiting the chicken, they are kept in mini jail cells so small they cannot turn or move in them. They are force fed in such a small amount of time that they lose function of their legs and are injected with growth hormones so they are bigger and get killed quicker for profit. It’s horrible.

Dairy – meaning milk, yoghurt, cheese – because it exploits the cow, cows milk is for baby cows it’s gross how farmers exploit cows and get the cow pregnant by inserting the bull semen into the cow using their hand to get them to lactate and take their calf away from them.

Meat – because animals are treated horribly and taken away from their families, force-fed, so they became fat quickly and injected with all sorts of bad stuff so that farmers make more profit and to meet demand. The animals are imprisoned and live a short life for the benefit.

Honey – because it’s an energy source they store up on for winter and when the weather is terrible. Honey isn’t made for humans, bees are exploited by humans.

Not wearing leather nor fur – fashion isn’t worth taking a life for. If you already have the items, then it’s ok to wear as it’s worse to throw away or donate it to charity. Many vegans are ok with buying leather and fur second hand. I personally try to only buy ethically made clothing, but that’s not always easy when money is tight.

Not all vegans do this, but I stay away from Palm Oil as you’ve probably seen the Iceland advert millions upon millions of animals are made homeless from the destruction of the rainforest for palm oil. An ingredient not needed in food.

Not all vegans do this, I don’t eat avocados as bees are taken out of their natural habitat and are exploited to pollinate avocados for the high demand of people wanting them.

Food tastes fantastic without the need for suffering. It’s to do with seasoning and there are a lot of substitutions which are often cheaper.  Most coffee shops can veganise their drinks and veganism is more mainstream now so  restaurants have 1/2 vegan meals. Most alcohol is vegan too!

If you are still unsure, then watch some of these videos;



*Forks over Knives


*What The Health


There are many YouTubers and Facebook groups which are vegan and are there to support and help you with your journey.

I am vegan because I care about the planet, I am compassionate, and believe in nonviolence.  I am vegan for the animals, for the earth and for the people.

You can do it too. Why not try being vegan for one day a week. As they say, every little helps. Work on it from there, from one day a week to two days until it becomes easier or starts off as pescatarian (no fish) then move on to vegetarian (no fish nor meat.)

Thank you for reading ! by reading this, you are considering going vegan. I hope you do. I am here if anyone needs help or advice for your vegan journey.

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