Flynn – Son of Crimson

An action-packed game full of mystery and adventure with a rich storyline.

Explore and discover the unique regions as you travel through the pixel art lands and alternative dimensions using the power of Crimson!

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The main character is Flynn. Pictured below.

Flynn is on a mission to find out why he was orphaned as a child which the Goddess Sorrell reveals hints of Flynn’s beginnings and unlock new powers. All the while the power of Crimson activates within himself.

Flynn will battle fierce monsters with his Crimson blade, axe, claws and bow along with his trusty companion, the mystical creature; Dex. Flynn and Dex pictured below.

The world was once kept peaceful the Crimson Goddess Sorrell and Lord Zealock. Pictured below.

Now torn between each other because of the Crimson Goddess Sorrell’s forbidden love for a mortal knight. The Goddess leaves her world for another, sending Lord Zealock into madness – blinded by hate and rage.

Flynn must fight corruption (The Scourge) which infests the land every day into hate, madness and decay…

Flynn must travel across the 5 unique regions of Rosantica and end Lord Zealock’s reign of disease and lunacy before its too late.

In Rustwood, fight in the Coliseum, home to the beetle-like people – the Mazir, the legendary warrior tribe.

Fight mutated crustaceans in the damp caves of the Hollow’s Isles,

Explore the icy Mistral Peak – help put a stop to whatever is causing the supernatural weather which plagues the land and stops the corruption!

Shivering Spire, the home of all history and knowledge. Flynn will travel hear to fight corruption and find out about his past as he fights Healers, Sorcerers and Warlocks driven mad by enhanced dark powers..

Flynn’s home! This is where the journey begins and ends as this is where Flynn’s allies are which help him fight the corruption. This is where Flynn can trade weapons for new combat techniques, relics and runes with veterans and help villagers.

First 2D platform game available on PC, Xbox and PlayStation 4 by Studio Thunderhorse, they hope to have this game eventually available on Nintendo Switch.

Studio Thunderhorse has already made two games available on iOS.

Studio Thunderhorse consists of six members, and they have funded the game with their own money, and now the game is on Kickstarter!

This game will be released in 2019.

Why not check them out – find out more, keep up to date, check out their cool merch or show your support by help fund this amazing game;

Twitter: @ThunderhorseCO



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