E3 – UK Time Guide – Predictions

With SONY not being at E3, I think everyone else is going to be putting out some amazing stuff to make them the top dog. I think near everyone is going to have some surprises for us and I can’t wait!

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Saturday 8th June 2019

EA Live streams: 5.15pm


We will differently get some Fallen Jedi stuff and hopefully some game-play!

We should get some Epex Legends stuff, maybe a new mode or even a new Legend. I’m hoping a new Legend.

We will get some sports games information, for example, FIFA 20.

I also think we’re going to get some surprises from EA, especially after pissing people off with a couple of games which I will not mention because I will rage! So I’m thinking we might get ether Titan Fall 3 trailers or an announcement about the sequel to Dragon Age. But truthfully, I think it’s going to be an out of nowhere announcement like Mass Effect, Dead Space, Crysis, Spore and maybe even a remake of an old Star Wars game.

I’m not sure but I think there is going to be a Simpsons or a Harry Potter game announced at EA but I might be wrong…


Sunday 10th June 2019

Microsoft Conference: 9.00pm


Well, I believe Microsoft will go all out, pulling everything out the bag because Sony won’t be at E3, Sony whom has an arguably better console than Microsoft… Like a dark horse, I think Microsoft is going to surprise us all!

We should get some Gears of War stuff and maybe Halo Infinite.

Also full of surprises like a new Fable game which I have been waiting a while for!

Maybe we’ll even see a Banjo-Kazooie or we might get a new Dead Rising game, and some significant new game teasers which we haven’t seen yet.

This is a big shot in the dark, but I think they’re going to announce their next console.


Monday 10th June 2019

Bethesda Conference: 1.30am


I don’t think they’re going to have many surprises, we’re going to get some Doom game-play and Wolfstein Young Blood game-play I don’t see us getting much more from that.

A DLC for RAGE 2? Truthfully, I think they’re going to surprise us with something a bit S**t and then something amazing like Elder Scrolls or a Dishonored game.

PC Gaming Show Conference: 6.00pm


I don’t have a clue about PC Gaming, I’m not really a PC gamer as I prefer console games but I will be watching it. Maybe there will be a PC game released which will get me into PC gaming more.

Ubisoft Conference: 9.00pm


We should get more details about Beyond Good and Evil 2 because we haven’t heard anything for a long time.

We’ll get more on Ghost Recon Breakpoint not sure what but just more.

We will hopefully get a trailer for the next Assassin Creed which is set in the Viking era, and we all know how amazing the Assassin Creed trailers usually are!

I don’t know for sure about this, but I’m thinking a Rainbow Six announcement.


Tuesday 11 June 2019

Square Enix Conference: 2.00am


We hopefully will get a Marvel game-play and I cant wait any longer for this!

I think we will get a DLC for Kingdom Hearts, although I haven’t finished the game yet, I am hoping for it.

I think we will get some big Final Fantasy news, I don’t have a clue what, maybe a Final Fantasy 7 release date…

Nintendo Conference: 5.00pm


I’m not sure about anything new but I am hoping for Zelda but what Nintendo fan isn’t.

Nintendo have so many games in development which we don’t know about, I don’t think we are going to have many surprises. Probably just trailers and game play of the games we don’t now much about, for example: Metroid Prime 4 or most likely trilogy , Luigi Mansion 3, Bayonetta 3, Animal Crossing and I’ m happy with just information on games I know are in development.

I think we will get some amazing games ported to Switch like Persona 5 and Witcher 3.

I think the DS is going to get an announcement which sets in stone three to four years of extra life for the console like creating a DS SWITCH, for example.

We will get a new character announcement for switch, maybe a Dark Souls character, Ratchet and Clank or maybe Banjo-Kazooie.

Then we will get some indie stuff announced which is always good.

—- Honorable mentions

Game of Thrones writer (George R.R. Martin) and From-Software are working together…

New Simpsons game :S

Devil may cry DLC.

New Rock-Star game: GTA 6 OR BULLY 2 but probably something related to Red Dead Redemption.

Call Of Duty modern warfare.

And much more!!!!!!

There is going to be some amazing announcements this year, I can just feel it!


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