E3 – My Disappointment with EA

Maybe I should of researched it more, but I expected a new game announcement or just something like “we will never use micro-transactions again” guess I was hoping for too much.

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I’m not a big fan of the Sims 4 or the Madden 20, so I won’t be commenting on them, but they did seem to be quite good announcements for them. I was kind of expecting the Sims 4 to go onto the Nintendo Switch, sadly not yet.

So let’s start off with the Last Jedi, this game was one of the biggest games to come this year for me, but after watching the game-play… I’m disappointed, although it rarely happens, I am hoping that they will fix some of the bad animations in the game.

The main fault within this game-play for me, was the Wookie. To me, it just doesn’t look good and I know it might be a bit too quick to judge but if they mess this up. What else could they mess up? I am a bit disappointed as a whole. After speaking to a journalist on Twitter, apparently the animation doesn’t get any better than the game-play. If anything they are worse than the game-play. But, I’m still trusting in EA to do a good job which is why I have still pre-ordered the game.


I have new hope though, get it?

EA won’t let this game be a bad one because of the near failure of the Battlefront games. Although they’re great now, it was a long and bumpy road to this. I think if this game fails, EA’s contract with Disney will die, and someone else will take the reins of the Star Wars games. I’m a big Star Wars fan and a small EA fan, so I’m hoping for something good here but I’m just not sure after seeing the game-play.

Secondly, we have Epex Legends. The reviews were good and show that a lot of stuff is coming in the future. As I am a semi pro of the game, I’m happy about that. PS I’M NOT A SEMI PRO!  I just wanted a little more from Apex, not much more, just a little. Maybe a non-group type of match or another gun as at the minute they’re just copying and pasting goods from Titan Fall which is good but why not add another one just for that little bit extra. This game will have a lot more surprises though, and I love what Re-spawn has done, so I do have faith in the future of Apex. I just wanted more out of EA stream.

I don’t have much to say about FIFA 20, I won’t be buying it this year because I just won’t play it but I do have one thing to say. I wish they just called it FIFA Street which it is but they called it Volta. I think it will be a good part of the game, I just don’t like the name.

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