E3 – Microsoft – Did they step up?

With Sony not at E3, Microsoft had a chance to step it up and become top dog but did they?

In some sense yeah they did, but in another, they didn’t. Read on to find out why.

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Thank you again, so let’s begin.

There wasn’t much that stood out to me.

What is going to be exclusive to Xbox, but there was an ok amount, they had Bleeding Edge. An excellent looking game but seems a little bit samey. Elden Ring, I’m not sure if =it will be exclusive, but if it is, that’s great. Psychonauts 2, I didn’t play the first one but the second looks good. They did have some gems in their conference.

They had the games we knew were coming and are happy for like Gears of War, but no gameplay and that’s the same for Halo Infinity, but that’s because it’s for the next-gen console which is impressive.

The conference had a lot of trailers and not enough game-play for me. Although they did well,, it just wasn’t that good to watch. Even though at the same time, I was like cool, I want to play that game. I still wasn’t sure because I didn’t see near enough game-play.

Well, most of my earlier prediction was wrong. I am new to predicting stuff, so no judging please, I was right about there going to be more Halo and Gears of War, but I’m disappointed that there was no Fable, but with Psychonauts 2 coming I’m hoping for a Brutal Legend sequel or remaster.

So we could get some great names, but we aren’t sure because we didn’t see any game-play of most of the games. But still, a good conference as it just proved that Sony is still the top dog of gaming, I hope Nintendo can change my mind!

Honourable mentions

John Fuckin Wick is in Cyberpunk 2077!!!!!!!


The next Fromsoftware game should be something different from anything they’ve done!

Spoiler for Sekiro

When you fight the knight in the game, he shouts Robert when he dies I think that was a hint to their next game!!! Someone, please confirm this????

Dying Light looked freakin amazing !!!

That’s all that stood out for me really, thanks for reading!

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