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I’m starting off with the bad and will end with the good!

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Bethesda just announced mobile games. I think 4/5 games announced were mobile games.

It wasn’t exciting at all, and the crowd seem to overreacted as there was a new Elder Scrolls game but nope just mobile games.

We gonna get a battle royal game made for Fallout 76 as well as NPC, dialogue and choose what changes the story. Yeah, you know the stuff the game series is known for, they are putting it in like a year or so after release. So basically, we’re getting the full game which for me is a bit too late.

So now for the good things at Bethesda, there’s not much new, we get some new game announcements but no information on gameplay. So that’s kind of hit or miss, but we did get some Doom Eternal game-play which was great, as well as some information on multiplayer and levels. Some of the levels will be set in heaven, which sounds fantastic, so I’m thrilled with that.

Then we got more story and gameplay for Wolfenstein Young Blood, which was excellent! It got me excited for it, but then it showed a terrible looking VR game, but Wolfenstein Young Blood information made up the VR. Except for when they explain how co-op works… If you are watching E3 and staying up ridiculously late to watch it, you don’t need to be told what and how a co-op game works.

So apart from the mobile games, the VR and announcing obviously needed updates for Fallout 76 at E3, the game we should have on release. It was great seeing DOOM Eternal and Wolfenstein Young Blood, but there was nothing else to get excited for really. Unless you are a big Elder Scroll online fan or a big mobile gamer.

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