Can one game change how gamer see the industry?

Who made Death stranding?

Hideo Kojima is releasing his new games on the 8th of November 2018. The creator of the excellent Metal Gear Solid series with Konami Studios. The Metal Gear Solid series couldn't give the full genius of Kojima because of the ties of Konomi. But now nothing is holding Kojima back with making his first video game at his own studio.

The game.

The game has had a mixed review from all over the globe. Looking at the trailer and gameplay, I think that this game will change people's opinion of games. As many developers have giving Kojima support even the creator of God of War, Corey Barlog has giving his support.

How the game is different.

The game is set in a broken world, and it has been done before but nothing like this. When you start the game, there's nothing but yourself, and you build the world around you. As your world grows and evolves. Kojima even admits that the game has connections to present world events like Brexit and Trump. You travel across the terrain, connecting the world together once again even when where everyone seems so far away.

How Death Stranding stands out

The massively mixed reviews out there really make this game stand out. As mixed reviews mean that this game is truly different. Whether you enjoy the game or not depends on your thoughts playing through games and depending on the type of person you are. This could be because of how much depth to this genius story has, especially how it connects to our everyday lives. The game is going to be hard to understand, and many might not appreciate that. With reviews ranging from 3s to 9s and some are saying it's boring while others were saying it's a masterpiece. This game is going to be something special and proves how unconnected we truly are.

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