Blade of Verdance

A classic turn-based RPG.

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Inspired by the significant era of the PS1 Japanese turn-based games like the fantastic ongoing Final Fantasy games. If you’re a gaming fan and you most likely are if you were reading this, you’ve heard of the Final Fantasy games, but this game also takes inspiration from The Breath Of Fire and Etrian Odyssey combat systems.

The game is a story based game with a 15-hour long campaign with some twists and turns down the road.

A Demo of the game is available right now and if you like the sound of that give the demo a try.

You follow Victoire, the princess of the Kingdom of Verdance and her companions. The companions you journey with are Erick the Mercenary and the Foxman Shaman Latharn. On your journey, you’ll fight for the throne of the Kingdom of Verdance.

The games have a heavy focus on magic, but that’s not all, it also focuses on the politics of the world making the game something special.

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