Arok & the Chaos Outbreaks

A puzzle game, full of adventure as you explore to find secrets and collect items!

With beautifully designed landscapes, this game rewards non-violent behaviour, giving you the freedom to choose the outcome of your enemies…

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Whether you want to take the peaceful route of not killing or if you want to the full blown annihilate your enemies – the game will always be completed, but there is a choice of 5 different endings – depending on what you did during the story.

I love the fact that there is no right way of playing this game! As a vegan, I always hated that a part of some games you have to kill animals to make weapons and eat/gather stamina. This game is impressive in that it gives you freedom while still challenges you with puzzles and that your choice doesn’t affect your  rewards!!

The village of Breeze has many citizens which you will learn about through the game such as Jinzy and Sneithel which you will learn about as you progress through the story. Arok is the protagonist and is followed by Liz. Liz is a magical octopus who gives Arok advice and provides magic ink for his tattoo. (Both pictured together below.)

A unique game with unusual weapons like a fan which will grant the player the ability to fly from place to place. During the game, you will learn and gain new skills. The fan is the source of your skills. You will gain different abilities depending on your decisions to help or not help the villagers. There are 6 Bosses to fight, all of which are cursed villagers of Breeze.

As the story progresses, the levels aren’t set in stone, but with every Boss defeated/freed from the curse, a new skill will be gained, and the magnitude of your powers will increase by perfecting your tattoo using the magical ink from Liz.

With calming music and amazingly realistic artwork, have a look for yourself by clicking on the video below for a teaser of what is to come…

Arok & the Chaos Outbreaks features a variety of environments, each with different enemies and mechanics ensuring that you will never get bored of playing this game as, unlike most games, this one won’t become monotonous as with different environments, come different difficulties. As the game will feel different with its weather extremities and landscapes, it’s going to feel like playing a completely different game as you will be looking out for different enemies and there will be various problems faced in its 8 different landscapes.

This cool looking game is still in the development stage by the team of game developers.

This is Sunforge studios’ first indie video game, their team consists of

Daniel Martínez Priego – Programmer.

Marcos Gimenez Blaya – Music composer.

Judith Marta Vidal Pérez – Concept artist.

R.David Presa Ijeño – 3D Generalist.

Xavier Solans Porqueres – Motion Grapher & 3D Artist.

I can’t wait to play this game! The Kick-Starter campaign is opening February / March 2019. The game itself will be released in June 2019. This game will be available on Windows and Mac.

Watching the progress of the game is fascinating. Follow @ArokTheGame or go to their website: to see the frequent updates on the game and what the developers are up to!! 

The first image is fan art credit to Toni Roads, a Concept Artist and Illustrator from Barcelona. Check Toni’s Instagram: @toniroadsart or on ArtStation:

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