A Nintendo switch game going to be game of the year?

Updated: Sep 21, 2019

My all your game play be a high score! Game of the Year?!

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2019 wasn’t an amazing year for games. Although we still have some great games to come. For example, Death Stranding and Star Wars: Fallen Order and many more! But, so far it’s not been the best. Although within the next couple of months some amazing games are coming, I don’t really think they will be game of the year. I do think that a Nintendo Exclusive is going to be the game of the year or pretty god damn close!

The Nintendo Switch has released some amazing games like Fire Emblem and Astral Chain, and many more like Luigi Mansion and Pokemon Sword and Shield although the last two games I mentioned aren’t game of the year worthy. But, Fire Emblem and Astral Chain, on the other hand, are worthy of Game of the Year.


There is no God Of War or Red Dead Redemption 2 this year although Death Stranding will probably be one of the top games of the year. I’m pretty sceptical of Star Wars Fallen Jedi, I think it’ll fail which is why I think that a Nintendo game will be either Game Of The Year or really really close.

Astral Chain was a massive success and with its amazing gameplay, I think that it will be the Nintendo Switch’s chance of being the Game Of The Year.


I might do a full article on why I think Astral Chain will be the game of the year, closer to the time, so stay tuned and as always!

My all your gameplay be a high score!

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