Do you enjoy games with different landscapes…? Does wondering through the unending desert and a hidden forest takes your fancy?

If so, you’ve found the right game for you!

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I’ve played the demo, and god it’s gorgeous and makes you want to play more!

There is a lot of puzzles and platforming yet very peaceful looking game. It looks like a lot of fun to explore! It reminds me of the game Journey but with rock crabs and dinosaurs.

The solo developer behind the game; Jonas Manke also known as the studio InkyFox and in my opinion, an excellent name for an indie game development company. This is his debut game after working as a freelancer for 10 years working on some mainstream stuff, but since 2016 he started developing Omno.

The game is set in a lost civilisation with a mysterious power within, although we don’t know much about the story behind the world, there is meant to be a lot of secrets within this world perhaps as we progress through the game we will find the answers within.

The gameplay looks amazing! The artwork is fantastic if you don’t believe me, why not take a look for yourself at the trailer below:

As you can see in the trailer, there are lots of different types of game mechanics and landscapes to explore! The teleport mechanics looks fresh, I haven’t seen much like it. You’ll explore deep forests, freezing artic areas and massive deserts where you’ll discover a wide range of different animals and use mechanics like the teleport, gliding and the out of this world snow/sandboarding.

You’ll get a chance to find the answers within the game when the game gets released next year! You can start with the demo which has been released. The gameplay is smooth and peaceful, and you can have a go at the demo yourself on InkyFox’s website;

Go visit the website! You can see the updates and show support!! This game is well on its way to becoming a successful game after reaching there top goal on Kickstarter.

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