A modern era Metroidvania with RPG elements to it, if you like Indie games as much as I do, you will find it sounds as exciting as I do!

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In this game, you can choose from three different factions. Depending on what faction you choose, it can change the game, it can give you different perk missions and dialogue options available depending on the faction you pick. As well as provide you with an incentive to play the game multiple time!

You’ll need to craft your own ammo upgrades for the missions, and you’ll need to do some side mission to find the right equipment and credits to upgrade your gear skills to the max.  You’ll find these side quests in different towns on a variety of planets all with there own unique attributes.

You play as Kova Rimor, a mercenary of space on her journey to the next payday. You’ll end up crashing on an uninhabited iced-over planet as you explore you’ll find the answers to how you ended up on this planet and all the complex and mysterious questions you have…

Rating: 7.5/10

I’m not sure when or what devices Kova will be released on but I’m hoping Nintendo Switch and Steam – keep up-to-date on the progress of Kova and keep posted on the game’s development and find out the release date, click on the links below.


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