This game focuses on defeating bosses. Every boss I’ve seen so far all look very different, meaning you have to really think about which strategy you chose to beat each boss and use a different strategy with each one.

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This game looks tough which, to me, is a good thing but that’s just because I love games which need you to put a lot of effort into defeating each boss, especially when the game developers put in a lot of effort like in the Shadow of Classes.

Itta has some excellent artwork as well, making the bosses and arenas you fight the bosses in breathtaking but don’t lose track of dodging the flying bullets.

Now that you have seen the trailer, you have more of an idea of why I said it looks hard!

You play as Itta, a girl alone with a little ghost cat, as she sets off, she carries her father’s old revolver as she sets off on her quest across a broken world for answers. As you travel, you come across people desperate for help and legendary weapons to help you defeat the once God and fallen heroes.

The game should be available on Steam, but I am hoping for a Nintendo switch released as well.

Predicted Rating: 7.5



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